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Online Digital Brochures

Reduce costs, increase sales and help save the environment with state-of-the-art digital publications.

Digital brochures are an exciting, innovative, and low-cost way to send your company or product information to your prospects or customers.

By using the very latest technology, Wanta Creative Solutions are able to offer you the means of turning your original publishing concept into an eye-catching product that is instantly available to a worldwide audience at an amazingly low price.

Using amazing page-turn software, we can now create anything from the simplest sales leaflet to a dynamic multi-page magazine that can be viewed online without the need to spend a penny on conventional printing, storage, handling, postage and packaging costs.

Your messages will be working for you 24-hours a day allowing potential customers to access your catalogues and magazines while you sleep. No other method of business promotion can saturate the market so effectively or as cost effectively.

Financial and Administrative Benefits:

Vast cost saving over conventional printing methods.
No postage, packaging and other distribution costs.
Vast saving of time and labour because staff are no required to manually send out brochures.
Almost any type of literature is suitable.
No costly restraints on publication size and number of pages.
Minimal production costs.
No bulky paper stocks to store.

Sales and Marketing Benefits:

Digital brochures allows you to readily penetrate a global market.
Your material is accessible to anyone with internet access 24/7.
Ability to track the number of times your literature is accessed.
Enables copy changes (prices etc) to be changed without costly reprints.
Helps your business to promote a more acceptable carbon footprint.
Digital publications are of the highest quality.

Customer Advantages:

Enables potential and existing customers to access your information instantly.
Digital publications are accessed simply using a normal web browser.
Easy to operate page turning and zoom viewing option.
Enables customers to view your literature whenever they wish.
Removes the need for customers to request your literature.
Readers no longer have to pay to read your magazine on newspaper.

And if you are really smart, you could even sell some advertising space, so your brochure will pay for itself! How’s that for a marketing idea?

Simple Low Cost Prices:

The following prices apply to all kinds of online publications from a simple, single page leaflet to a multi-page catalogue or magazine.

1-5 pages - £8.00 per page
6-15 pages - £6.50 per page
16-29 pages - £5.00 per page
30+ pages - £3.50 per page

Prices above don't include design of the publication, video inclusion and creating hyperlinks. Please get in touch for a free consultation.

Further discounts available for regular orders or brochures over 100 pages.

We also do a HTML 5 version of our digital brochures which will work on iPads, iPhones etc. Please enquire about this.

A few samples of digi-brochures from Wanta Creative Solutions

Click on the images to view the digital brochure.

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